May 27, 2011


If there were a way to whisper while typing I am doing it, you know, as in just between you and me let's keep this on the DL. I'm really not sure if I should be bragging about this...

Remember when I mentioned this site awhile back about two lovely ladies setting the record straight on mean comments?!? Guess what they are talking about today???? Go look now

That's right... me and a comment that was left on the One Month To Win It site about the bag I made. I'm going to be honest, after the initial comment was made I felt bad for inadvertently hurting someone's feelings, after the second comment was made I had my feelings hurt a little, now after reading this post I am happy as a clam. A huge thank you to Viv and Mandi... you have started my weekend off on the right foot! And a huge thank you to all the anonymous commenters who were sticking up for me, many people didn't realize, but the only comment I ever made was the one apologizing... apparently the original commenter made a few other people mad along the way.

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