June 27, 2012

He's Done!

We are currently up to our ears in moving business right now. The packers showed up this morning and it is amazing just how fast they work.

I'm usually a very do it yourself kind of person, but this is definitely the way to move. As I sit here two very nice men who keep calling me Ma'am are loading box after box with all my stuff. It's pretty great.

But that's not really the reason for this post. This guy is...

As of today Bryce is officially done with his medical residency. He worked his last shift yesterday, he signed off on all his patients, turned in all the final paperwork today and got his official certificate of completion in return.

He's done! Yahoo!

I can't even begin to tell you how hard he has worked for the past seven years or how proud we are of him. Not only is he a fabulous doctor,  but even in the midst of 30 hour shifts, 80 hour work weeks, and countless sleepless nights he comes home and is a wonderful husband and a great dad to Audrey.

So congratulations to you Bryce... we couldn't be more proud of you!

June 21, 2012

Packing Up


Things have been a bit quiet around here and will continue to be for the next few weeks. I'll be popping in every once in awhile, but mostly I'm focusing on crossing things off the ever growing to-do list before we move next week. I'll be back more regularly once we are settled into our new house.

June 13, 2012

Saying Thanks

Growing up in our family a big deal was always made about sending thank you cards in a timely manner. Whether we received something for Christmas, or our birthdays, or any other reason in between we were reminded, daily, to write a thank you note. To be honest, it got to be a little annoying (sorry Mom!). Now, all these years later, I'm glad my mom nagged us as much as she did. Writing a thank you note when I receive something is just second nature at this point.

Now that I'm the mom I guess it is my turn to pass this nicety onto my kid. So Audrey and I sat down over the weekend to "write" her thank you notes for all her birthday gifts. Obviously she wasn't going to do much of the writing, but I wanted her to take some part in the process.

She was in charge of painting the front of each card and I would write a little note. As I wrote I asked her what she wanted to say to each family and she dutifully responded with "thank you", which when she says it sounds much more like "kank you".

June 11, 2012

Some Monday Randomness

1. My bean plants have little beans starting to grow!!! T minus 17 days until we move; is there any chance there will be enough to make a batch of dilly beans by then??

2. That reminds me, we're moving in 17 days! Eek. I have packed exactly two boxes, which is exactly two more boxes than I packed last time we moved (see #6).

3. The Bottle Cap Map over at the Family Ever After Blog is beyond amazing. It was a project at her kids' school. I'm thinking of maybe doing a smaller somewhat adapted version for our new house... we'll see if it happens.

4. My heart melts when I watch Audrey and Ryan, her best friend, play together. Last week they took turns pulling each other in the wagon on the way home from the park.

5. You've probably already seen this marriage proposal popping up all over, but in case you missed it (like me) or need a little something to brighten your day you should watch it right now. It will definitely make you smile and shout out to Oregon... the coolest things always happen there!

6. Have I ever mentioned before that the last time we moved, literally next door from where we were living before, I was five months pregnant and moved all of our stuff one laundry basket at a time? Bryce was working crazy hours and basically left for work from one address and came home to a new one. I'm feeling pretty lucky these days to get to use a moving company for this move and even more lucky that we aren't footing the bill... thank you Bryce's future employer!

Happy Monday!!

June 8, 2012

Photo Friday: Audrey's 2nd Birthday

One last birthday related post.

On Monday, Audrey's actual birthday, we spent the morning at the California State Railway Museum. I wasn't quite sure if it would be age appropriate for a two year old, but Audrey had a blast.

In fact she might have had a little too much fun and partied a little too hard over the weekend because by 5:00 that night this is where she ended up.

Have a great weekend everyone. We will be spending it attempting to get organized for the move (I've done nothing so far!) and also being spoiled by friends with a going away dinner.

June 7, 2012

Airplane Mobile

My good friend Cate is due with her second baby in just a couple of weeks. When I saw this mobile over on the Silhouette blog I knew it would be the perfect gift for the new little munchkin.

It was extremely simple to put together. I used the 3D Airplane and 3D Cloud shapes on the Silhouette. I used this Mobile Photo Clip from Kikkerland Design Inc. and modified it a little to give everything room to hang.

I helped Cate hang it up yesterday in the little guy's room and it looks great. Now I'm just anxiously awaiting his arrival... I'm hoping for a very on time delivery so we get to meet him before we move.

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June 5, 2012

Audrey's Second Birthday Party

We celebrated Audrey's second birthday on Saturday with a small backyard party.

We kept it very simple and barbequed in the backyard. I lined the tables with brown paper and set out crayons for the kids to draw with. A few fresh flowers and balloons completed most of the decorations.

For favors I got fun drink bottles with straws from the dollar store and filled each with milk, so each kid got to pick their bottle to use at the party and then take it home with them.

I think Audrey's favorite part of the whole day was when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She was beaming with all that attention.

 And eating the cake wasn't so bad either.

It was amazing to see how much difference a year made in the atmosphere of the party. Almost all of the same kids were at her first party and at the time only one was walking and none were saying more than a word or two. This year everyone was running and jumping and talking up a storm. It is so fun to see them all growing up. We will definitely miss this group of friends when we move.

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June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Audrey

Audrey turns two today! We had her birthday party over the weekend. It was a lot of fun and Audrey definitely "got" it. She knew right away what all the balloons and cake and presents were all about. I'll share pictures later this week. For now we are off to celebrate for one more day!

Happy birthday to the most amazing two year old ever!