May 17, 2011


Have you tried kale? That dark green, leafy stuff next to all the other dark green, leafy things in the produce section. Most of the time I just walk right past that section not having any idea what to do with that kind of produce. But a few weeks ago I tried a pasta recipe with kale in it and now I am hooked. It is really good and doesn't get all mushy when cooked like spinach.

So far I have only sauteed it and used it in pastas, but I've heard that baking it to make kale chips is good too. I'm excited to find more ways to use it. And this week at the grocery store I bought chard, I'm really branching out in the dark green, leafy category.

p.s. See that lemon in the picture... that's from our lemon tree. Oh, how I love our lemon tree. Sadly, we are down to one last lemon. I'm already looking forward to the next crop.

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE kale!
    kale chips are awesome.

    i wish we had a lemon tree.