November 12, 2010


I have been having some serious boot envy lately. Everywhere I go I see someone wearing a pair of super cute boots and I want them. As in I seriously, really, really want them. I almost stopped a lady in the parking lot the other day because her boots were just that cute. But when I go to the store and try a pair on, I always decide against them. For some reason they just don't look the same on me. Maybe it's the mirror or a poor outfit choice, but I never seem to be able to get that look that I'm after. Well, I think my search may be over. We went to Goodwill the other day (oh my, the amazing-ness of a second hand store!) and I found these boots and died. I LOVE THEM!
Now I realize they are not quite like all the cute boots I've been seeing out there. AKA not leather, not knee high, and not high heeled, but aren't they SO CUTE?!? My shopping partner didn't really share my enthusiasm and when I realized they were only a size 7 (I wear an 8.5 or 9) he was more than ready to move on. I was not. So, I tried them on and they fit. Yahoo!!
And now I am the proud owner of these second-hand, not quite trendy, off brand, $10, size 7, but fit size 8.5 feet boots.

The end. 

Happy weekend to everyone!

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