November 9, 2010

Book Page Wreath

I have been seeing a lot of wreaths around the blogosphere lately and thought I would give it a try. Inspired by this wreath over at The Crafting Chicks I decided to make mine out of old book pages too. I bought the styrofoam form at the dollar store and I had the book, glue and ribbon, so the whole thing cost me a whopping $1 and I only burned myself with the hot glue twice. Not bad.

This is not where it is going to hang (I'm thinking a mini-makeover in our dining room) and I still need to figure out how to tie the ribbon differently (better), but I think it is a fun new addition.


  1. Beautiful! You must have spent hours cutting circles. love, mom

  2. Emily, this looks amazing. I love it! I want to try one too now.