September 13, 2010

Play Nice

I don't stereotype or at least I try really hard not to (because, let's be honest, on some level I think we all judge and have preconceived ideas... but that is a much bigger topic than I want to get into.)

That being said, if I were to stereotype a group of people, oh, let's say crafters, I would think creative, artsy, laid back, bubbly college girls, old ladies sitting in rocking chairs with knitting needles, soccer moms making costumes for the school play, you get the idea. I definitely wouldn't think mean! I have been to three craft stores in the last two days (obviously, I am not finding what I'm looking for) and at each one the employees were less than nice and definitely less than helpful. Maybe its that craft stores don't hire crafty people or that they were having an off day or that they were really busy (even if it didn't look busy)... I'm not sure, but it just seems like everyone could be a little nicer.

That's all.

Happy Monday to everyone!

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