September 11, 2010

Baby Food: Peach Puree

Audrey is still a few months away from entering the world of solid foods, but that isn't deterring me from beginning to make baby food for her. Around here "homemade" is the name of the game, so it is only reasonable that that would also extend to her food. It isn't that I have anything against the store bought baby food, but this way I know exactly what she is getting - nothing but pure fruits and vegetables. At this point, I am only making purees when I have something leftover that we aren't going to eat before it goes bad. I figure it is a good way to avoid throwing food out and even if she doesn't eat it in the end, I can always throw it into a soup, sauce, or anything else I am making. So far I have made a carrot puree and a zucchini puree, but the best was the peach puree I made last night. When Bryce tasted it (yes, we always taste them, I wouldn't want to give her anything we wouldn't be willing to eat) he said it tasted like candy and I would have to agree. Roasting the peaches made them so sweet. I could see putting this on top of ice cream or mixed in with plain yogurt or even spread on toast.

Peach Puree

Wash peaches, cut in half, and place flesh side down in an oven safe baking dish. Fill with about 1 inch of water.

Roast peaches for 1-1.5 hours at 400 degrees.

Puree roasted peaches using a food mill or a food processor. At first I was peeling off the skin and then I decided I didn't care. The food mill caught most of the skin and what did get through didn't give the puree a bad texture.

Use an ice cube tray to freeze into cubes. I used four peaches and it made twenty cubes, each one is two tablespoons.


  1. Lucky Audrey!

  2. Your BrotherSeptember 14, 2010

    You should have Bryce try that bbq out and do them on the grill. Throw some cinnamon on them and let them get that nice grill look to them. Mmm amazing on ice cream.

  3. Grandma BonnieOctober 01, 2010

    That is a yummy idea!