September 6, 2010

Cooking Disasters

I like to cook. No, actually, I LOVE to cook. Although I still have a lot to learn about baking and cooking, I usually do pretty well making tasty food for us to eat. But, there are those times when it just doesn't work out as planned. I can remember making a sweet biscuit recipe when I was a kid that I had found in my "American Girl" activity book. I was so excited to make them and to have my family eat them. Sadly, I misread the recipe and put over a cup of salt in the dough. It goes without saying that they were basically inedible. I haven't had many other major recipe catastrophes since then... until a few nights ago.

I had found a recipe on for Chipotle Chicken and Rice. It looked really good and had positive reviews so I knew I wanted to try it. The day I made it was an off day to say the least and I was just happy to have a meal ready for when Bryce got home from a very long day at work. When I went to give it a quick taste after I had put it altogether I knew that something had a gone horribly wrong. It was spicy! And I mean, down a glass of milk because my mouth is on fire, spicy. And trust me, I can handle spicy food. In an attempt to figure out where I had gone wrong I went back to the original recipe. This is the line that did me in "2 canned chipotle chiles in adobo, minced." My brain read "2 cans chipotle chiles in adobo, minced," which made for one very, very, very spicy meal. Even Bryce, who puts hot sauce on everything, thought it was too spicy to eat. Unfortunately, the whole meal got dumped and we ended up having to go pick something up. On the upside, I think the recipe (made correctly) would be really good. Had the version I made not been quite so hot, I would have really liked it. I can't wait to try the recipe again!

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  1. I wouldn't have believed anything could be too spicy for Bryce. love, mom