September 17, 2010

It's Done!

I am in love with our new guest and craft room. There are still some very small details to finish (like a knob on the nightstand) and I am sure I will continue to make small adjustments, but I am so excited that I cannot wait any longer to share the after photos.

Just as a reminder, this is what it looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now:

It is not a very big room and I love good organization so I tried to keep everything simple and functional. Now when I am working on my sewing projects I have the space to spread out and know where to find everything I need and when we have guests over we have a beautiful place for them to stay. I am so proud of how it turned out and it is full of homemade treasures. Here is a little recap:

Bedding: Target
Pillow: Recovered and accented with a button from my grandma's stash
Headboard: Homemade
Nightstand: $4 Yard sale find (thanks Mom) and 5 coats of "Fuzzy Navel" yellow paint
Telephone: Rotary dial phone from my grandparents... still works too
Wall Art: I painted those! (inspired by prints I saw on etsy)
Craft Table: Hollow core door from Home Depot and legs from Ikea
Ironing Board Cover: Homemade
Wall Shelving Unit: Built by my amazing handyman, Bryce!


  1. I love it! Yellow and gray are such a pretty color combination, it's one of my favorites! The bed looks great and I love how you painted the little Oregon and California silhouettes in the room!

  2. Wow, what a transformation, it's calling my name. love, mom

  3. I love it too! Everything looks so good!
    p.s. not only did we put up the same picture as each other, but I think your yellow frames are really similar to the ones I have too!! Crazy.

  4. Your room came out great. What kinds of crafts will you be crafting?