June 11, 2012

Some Monday Randomness

1. My bean plants have little beans starting to grow!!! T minus 17 days until we move; is there any chance there will be enough to make a batch of dilly beans by then??

2. That reminds me, we're moving in 17 days! Eek. I have packed exactly two boxes, which is exactly two more boxes than I packed last time we moved (see #6).

3. The Bottle Cap Map over at the Family Ever After Blog is beyond amazing. It was a project at her kids' school. I'm thinking of maybe doing a smaller somewhat adapted version for our new house... we'll see if it happens.

4. My heart melts when I watch Audrey and Ryan, her best friend, play together. Last week they took turns pulling each other in the wagon on the way home from the park.

5. You've probably already seen this marriage proposal popping up all over, but in case you missed it (like me) or need a little something to brighten your day you should watch it right now. It will definitely make you smile and shout out to Oregon... the coolest things always happen there!

6. Have I ever mentioned before that the last time we moved, literally next door from where we were living before, I was five months pregnant and moved all of our stuff one laundry basket at a time? Bryce was working crazy hours and basically left for work from one address and came home to a new one. I'm feeling pretty lucky these days to get to use a moving company for this move and even more lucky that we aren't footing the bill... thank you Bryce's future employer!

Happy Monday!!

1 comment:

  1. When are you going to post some photos of the house/property. Also, when can Pearl and I come visit the new place? I mean, maybe Jeremy could come too I guess, but I don't work anymore so I can basically come whenever...