June 27, 2012

He's Done!

We are currently up to our ears in moving business right now. The packers showed up this morning and it is amazing just how fast they work.

I'm usually a very do it yourself kind of person, but this is definitely the way to move. As I sit here two very nice men who keep calling me Ma'am are loading box after box with all my stuff. It's pretty great.

But that's not really the reason for this post. This guy is...

As of today Bryce is officially done with his medical residency. He worked his last shift yesterday, he signed off on all his patients, turned in all the final paperwork today and got his official certificate of completion in return.

He's done! Yahoo!

I can't even begin to tell you how hard he has worked for the past seven years or how proud we are of him. Not only is he a fabulous doctor,  but even in the midst of 30 hour shifts, 80 hour work weeks, and countless sleepless nights he comes home and is a wonderful husband and a great dad to Audrey.

So congratulations to you Bryce... we couldn't be more proud of you!

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  1. Bryce, Job Well Done!! Congrats to all of you, I know it was a team effort.