April 19, 2012

Completely Unrelated Thoughts

1. Recently I've stumbled on some new food blogs that are AMAZING. Serious knock-your-socks-off material. Both Yammie's Noshery and How Sweet It Is have become two of my favorite daily reads. Definitely check them out.

2. The whole potty training thing seems to be working. She's only had two accidents in the last three days! We've even ventured out of the house several times without any mishaps.

3. This kale salad is definitely my new favorite thing. In fact we made homemade donuts last night (a totally glutenous move after having already made and consumed homemade fried chicken) and as the fresh, warm donuts were sitting on the counter I was sneaking bites of leftover kale salad out of the refrigerator. Sickening, I know. I could seriously eat it everyday, and have been.

4. We got our house plans back from the designer. It is so fun to see our ideas drawn up so perfectly. We still have a couple of small changes to make, but we are one step closer to getting this project underway.

5. Did you see this post from The Painted Hive? I totally and completely plan on copying her. Genius idea, right?

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