December 12, 2011

Felt Play Mat

I finally finished the felt play mat for Audrey's friend. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but more than anything I'm just so glad to be done. Especially considering I will be giving it to him seven months after his birthday.

The little boy's dad works at Campbell's so I made sure to include it on the play mat.

I also used super stiff fusible interfacing to attach the outside pieces and it worked so much better than trying to glue it.

Just like the other play mat I finished on time I used this tutorial from Cook Clean Craft.

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  1. I love how it folds up, that's so cute! And... better late than never :)

  2. so cute! I just made a large one for my son. It has a city party and an airport for his planes too. I love seeing how others make theirs.

  3. O I have lots of felt! This is a great idea. I love how it folds up into a little house.