July 8, 2011

Photo Wall

I've been slowly giving our dining room a bit of an update and started by creating a photo wall.

Pretend this is beautifully photographed before 
picture of a basically blank wall. I definitely thought I took
one, but can't find it for the life of me.

To make the photo wall was pretty simple. I bought a bunch of frames in different sizes from Ikea and used our dining table to lay them out in a pattern I liked. 

I snapped this photo and then referred back to it in order to hang the frames in the same pattern.

And here is the finished project. I really enjoy getting to see some of my favorite pictures each day. It makes this rental feel a bit more like our home.

And the book page wreath I made so many months ago finally has a home. Bonus points!

Much to Bryce's dismay I think I might reupholster the dining room chairs next. Actually I really want to paint them and then reupholster them, but I think he would seriously put his foot down.

1 comment:

  1. It looks great! Bryce should trust your skills and your eye for these things by now. He should just let you go for it on those chairs. Tell him I said that.