July 15, 2011

Photo Friday

We are in the middle of a mini-vacation. Bryce has three full days off. We are about to head out the door to the Farmer's Market, but first I thought I would share my favorite photo from the week. Who knows, maybe this will become a weekly event around here.

Dinner on Thursday. Audrey absolutely refused to eat unless she was wearing her sunglasses. She is a diva.

Have a great weekend! I'll be back next week with the tutorial for the doll and a guest post from Lindsay, the lovely lady over at Easy Made Invitations. If you haven't already checked out her site you should, her invitations are beautiful.


  1. There's nothing wrong with being a diva! Too cute! Enjoy the next few days of your min-vacation with lovely weather.

  2. Have fun with Bryce!

    Audrey is a total diva in those glasses, so adorable.