July 21, 2011

Easy Made Invitations

Have you visited Easy Made Invitations? It is a site right up my alley. Homemade, beautiful invites for all occasions. Lindsay, the very talented lady behind the site, is here today to share how she does it. If you haven't, head over to her site and check her out. It is full of creative new ideas for fun invitations. 

Hi! I'm Lindsay...I'm a mom, a wife and I have a passion for making homemade invitations! I love the design and creativity that goes into making a great invitation!
Homemade invitations add a practical, personal and fun touch to any occasion! And, contrary to belief, they're easy! All your guests are sure to love receiving a fantastic homemade invitation when they're invited to your party, shower or any celebration!

I just finished making this fun, trendy invitation for a baby shower. It could also double as a bridal shower invitation or a birthday invitation just by changing the text.

I was inspired to make this invitation just by finding this great ribbon. I loved the colors! The lime green and black are super trendy and look great together!

Finding coordinating paper was the easy part! I just picked the same colors that were in the ribbon.
I knew that I wanted the ribbon to be the focal point of the invitation, so I made sure that it was used more as a layer rather than just a finishing touch. I also made a smaller text sheet than usual but made a more elegant template for the sheet rather than just a square or rectangle shape.
For the invitation size, I used a standard 8-1/2"x 11" black cardstock and cut it down to a size of 6"x 6" which actually gave me two invitations for every sheet cut. Using this size of invitation will require a larger envelope size and possibly an additional stamp. The standard greeting card envelope is 5-3/4"x 8-3/4", so if you would rather not purchase a larger size of envelope, then make your overall size 5-1/2"x 5-1/2" to keep it square or 5-1/2"x 8-1/2" for a horizontal layout. Or, you could always make your own envelope too!
For the next layer I cut the green paper to a size of 5-3/4"x 5-3/4" to leave a 1/8" reveal of black. I usually use a 1/4" reveal on my invitations, but the black would have been too bold in this situation for a larger reveal.
For the text layout I just used my printshop program to decide how big and what the text looked like. I came up with this template for the text layer by drawing it freehand until I liked it and then I cut it out. I printed a couple different text blocks onto the cardstock and used the template I made to trace around each of the text blocks. Then I cut them out.
To get the black shadow around the text layer, I adhered the white text cardstock to another piece of black cardstock and cut it out leaving a little less than 1/8" of black showing.

The assembly process is easy! Just take a piece of the ribbon and cut it 8" long. Wrap it around the green cardstock and tape it on the back. Using scrapbook mounting squares, attach the green cardstock to the black and then attach the text sheet to the ribbon and green layer.

Your done! What a beautiful invitation! Everyone is definitely going to think that you had these custom made...and you can tell them you did...by you!

Thanks Lindsay! The invitation is beautiful. 

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