June 22, 2011


Our dining room table has looked like this for the majority of the last week...
I've been painting. 
A lot. 
So far I've painted a side table, a coat rack, a mirror and a few pictures frames.
For the most part I've been having great success. 
However, have you ever tried to paint a picture frame from Ikea?
At least not unless you realize you are trying to paint something oil based. 
Here is my first attempt trying to paint the picture frame... 
Obviously the paint wasn't sticking so I stopped, let it dry and sanded the frame. 
I figured the frame just needed to be roughed up a little for the paint to stick.
Attempt number two had exactly the same results. 
Again, I stopped, let it dry and sanded the heck out of it. 
Here's attempt number three...
No better. 
Luckily at this point I happened to mention this to my mom, who is truly an expert when it comes to all things paint, stain and otherwise refinished, and she said the original paint must be oil based and that no matter how many times I started over and sanded the frame the latex paint I was using was never going to stick. 
I'm off to find a new non-oil based picture frame today.
And I'll be back tomorrow with one of my newly refinished projects...
A $2 yard sale find turned into the perfect nightstand for a very tight place.


  1. I say it's time for some pudding finger painting for Audrey! Great work Emily. love, mom

  2. I can't wait to see the finished projects!