June 8, 2011

Are We Related?

The phone rang today and when I went to answer it I noticed that the caller ID read our last name with the first initial J. I couldn't figure out who it would be. Bryce does have a cousin, or second cousin, or something like that whose name begins with a J, but it seemed like a pretty slim chance he would be calling us.

The conversation went something like this...

J: Is this Bryce?
Me: No, this is his wife, may I take a message?
J: My last name is the same as yours.
Me: OK?
J: Are we related?
Me: I don't think so.
J: Are you from Mississippi?
Me: No, sorry you must be looking for someone else.
J: Nope, I think we's related.
Me: How did you find our phone number?
J: In them white pages.
Me: ...
J: So, maybe you's all related to me?
Me: No, sorry, I really don't think so. My husband's family is not from Mississippi.
J: Well, I was just looking y'all up in the white pages and I figured we's must be related.

Much to J's dismay I quickly ended the conversation and hung up a bit baffled. We don't have that unique of a last name and I can honestly say no one has ever randomly called me or us before because they thought they had found long lost family. 

I kind of feel bad for J, he seemed so excited to find some family. Maybe the next people he calls will happen to be from Mississippi.

1 comment:

  1. That is really strange. I wonder if he will call back to try and talk to Bryce about this. It seems he is pretty sure that you are related to him. Was he calling from Mississippi?