June 27, 2011

Road Trip: San Francisco

I love a good road trip. If it's spontaneous that's even better. Luckily, Bryce shares my love for road trips and we kind of make the perfect road trip team. Bryce is the driver and can usually drive indefinitely; while I'm a champion passenger, I don't get bored and have pretty decent navigational skills. A few summers ago we spent the better part of two months road tripping up and down the west coast. As much as I love big trips like the one we recently took to Hawaii, that summer of road trips ranks pretty high on my list of great memories.

Bryce has been working like crazy lately so when he had a day and a half off last Friday we decided to take advantage of it. We threw together a bag, booked a hotel room and hit the road for a night in San Francisco. We were literally only gone for 26 hours, but had a blast.

Friday night we wandered through the marketplace at pier 1. Oh my, how beautiful everything is. If I ever win the lottery I would love to walk to a place like this to buy my groceries each day.

Friday night we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant called Pazzia Restaurant and Pizzeria. It was INCREDIBLE. Not only was the food out of this world, but the atmosphere was great and they couldn't have been any friendlier to us and our happily noisy one year old. Check it out if you are in the area.

Saturday morning we got up and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and the Bay Area Discovery Museum. It is a museum designed for kids 6 months to 8 years old. I would highly recommend it, although I would say 6 months might still be a bit young and 8 years old may be pushing too old. Everything was very hands on and interactive. There were plenty of both indoor and outdoor activities. Audrey had a great time and loved all the tunnels.

All in all we had a wonderful trip and came back feeling a bit rejuvenated, Audrey came back a bit exhausted...  what more could you ask for? I think we have a little road tripper in the making.