February 7, 2011

Pretty Potholder

This month over on Prudent Baby they are hosting a contest for pretty potholders and giving away TWO sewing machines. Now, I don't have high hopes of creating one of the winning potholders, but making one sounded like fun. Here is what I came up with.

I am in love with the ruffles and now plan to put ruffles on everything I make. But, oh, the trouble I had with that bias tape! I don't know what my issue was. It didn't want to cooperate... at all. I'm half tempted to tear it all out and try again. We'll see how motivated I get. I still want to finish a second potholder in order to have a matching set.


  1. Your ruffles are adorable! I love it.

  2. Very pretty! love, mom

  3. I've been wanting to make a pot holder ever since I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I love yours! The two little ruffly rows are my favorite part. Very cute :)