February 8, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

I remember my fourth grade teacher reciting this little poem one day in class...

Patience is a virtue
keep it if you can. 
It's given to a woman
and not to a man. 

Now, I'm not sure how appropriate or relevant it is to a fourth grade education, but other than ROY G BIV it is one of the few things I actually remember from fourth grade.

My winter garden has taken more than a little bit of patience. Bryce can vouch that on more than one occasion I was ready to pull everything out. The other day when I went to see if anything was ever going to happen, I was pleasantly surprised to finally find a little bit of progress.

That would be the world's smallest head of cauliflower. Hopefully with a little more patience it will grow into more than a cute little bite-sized vegetable.


  1. It's so tiny and adorable! I'm glad your patience is finally paying off.

  2. It's Audrey size. love, mom