February 22, 2011


I've got nothing.

No pictures.

No finished projects.

Not even any progress to show.


I am working really hard on the Simplicity busy book pattern for Little Miss A. Patterns are just not my thing. I am realizing just how much I have to learn about sewing. I've told myself no more internet-ing until I get at least half of it done... ha, that didn't even last a day. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

p.s. You need to make this Steak Sandwich with Brie. Make it for dinner or lunch or an afternoon snack, really it doesn't matter when, it is just important that you make it. We had it for dinner tonight... OMG is it a good sandwich. Plus, if you pair it with a salad of Boston lettuce with homemade blue cheese dressing you might just make one of the best dinners ever!

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