July 30, 2012

Falling Trees

Last week Bryce and I spent a few mornings out at "the property;" which is how we affectionately refer to the piece of land we bought and where we will start building our house.  Here's what it looked like in January when we put in our offer.

And here is what it looked like last week, from the other direction.

Although the trees were really pretty they just couldn't stay. Not only are they sitting right about where our house/yard is going to go, but they are also walnut trees. If you've ever dealt with one of those you know they make a huge mess; something we didn't want to have to deal with. And one of them was obviously dead, so that made that decision easier.

We started with the dead tree and then moved on to the tree in the middle. Bryce helped me make a little picture slideshow with the pictures I took of the tree falling. It was a big tree.

We spent the rest of that morning and a few of the following mornings cutting it up and stacking it for firewood.

Here is what the property looks like now. Aren't the wildflowers beautiful? They only bloom in the mornings and are completely closed again by midday. We also have plans to take the biggest tree out on the right, but we'll leave that to someone a bit more professional.

And just in case you were wondering, we plan to plant several trees on the property, hopefully making up for the ones we just cut down.


  1. Such a pretty location!

  2. Grandma BonnieAugust 05, 2012

    Loved the video and the wildflowers. The property is sooo pretty!

  3. What an exciting thing to look forward to! Love the tree slideshow.