May 16, 2012

Single Serving Lemonade

It has been pretty warm around here lately and we are spending most of our time in the pool. While Audrey splashes around I enjoy the easy task of sitting with my feet in the pool "supervising". (The perks of being a stay-at-home mom!) The other day I was craving a glass of homemade lemonade, the perfect poolside drink companion, but didn't have the motivation or enough ingredients to make a big pitcher so I figured why not just make a single glass. It took about 2.5 minutes, tasted delicious, and left very little clean-up.

Single Serving Lemonade:
2 lemons
1 cup tap water
3 teaspoons sugar (or more if you like it sweeter)

In a glass combine sugar and water until the sugar dissolves.

Squeeze in juice from 2 lemons and stir to combine. Add ice to fill the glass. Taste, if it is too tart add more sugar.

Drink and enjoy!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2014

    Thank you for this! :) I wanted to make my boyfriend a bottle of homemade limeade to put in freezer and give him after we go for a run in the morning. I googled single serving limeade and here we go! I only had one lime, so I used the one lime and a grapefruit. I added a wee bit less sugar and really really small amount of salt to make it more of a sports drink. Thanks again!