May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and a Parade

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. We spent the weekend with my in-laws. Their small town was having their annual parade and picnic. Although I've been part of the family for many years now it has never worked with our schedules to go in the past, so this was my first time.

It was exactly what you would picture a small town farming community's annual parade and picnic would be. Lots of hometown pride, lots of tractors, and plenty of food.

A train went by in the middle of the parade. As soon as you could just start to hear it coming down the tracks I heard every local within ear shot mutter (almost simultaneously), "and here comes a train... it happens every year during the parade" and then chuckle a little. The main street runs parallel to the train tracks, they all know it is going to happen, but I just love that it makes them all laugh each year as though it is some sort of inside joke.

Audrey loved every minute of it. At first she just sat and watched, but soon caught on to running out to get candy. 

Apparently it is tradition that the newest volunteer firefighters pull the old water tank down the street as they get sprayed with water.

After the parade we headed over to the picnic. Audrey got her first taste of hot dog, mango soda, and snow cone. She wholeheartedly approved of them all.


  1. I feel bad for that poor firefighter. This totally reminds me of Stayton parades.

  2. Kira, that is exactly what I said to Bryce, it was very reminiscent of the Stayton parade just without people riding in bathtubs! :)