January 29, 2012

All About Felicity

Sorry it was so quiet around here last week. Audrey and I had gone out of town the week prior to work on a new super exciting project, but it lasted a little longer than expected and we didn't get back until just last Friday.

What's the super exciting project you ask? I can't wait to share, but that will have to wait just a little longer because right now it's all about Felicity. Remember awhile back when I mentioned watching way too many episodes while I was sick? Well, I got hooked and am now down to the last three episodes of the series and need to take advantage of a quiet house before I miss my chance to watch them.

Pathetic, I know, but I'm OK with it.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I am still really mad with the way that series ended.


  2. I still watch an episode of Gilmore Girls almost every day thanks to you. Also, remember our OC marathon? Oh, those were the days.