January 31, 2012

Our (future) Mini-Farm

Remember that super exciting project Audrey and I were working on? Well, while we were up in Oregon over the Christmas holiday we did a little house hunting. We toured a few houses and did a lot of driving around trying to find something that would work for our family, but ultimately we were pretty disappointed in what was available.

That is until we drove by this...

Two acres of beautiful land exactly where we were hoping to find something. It's close to a small little town which I love, but not too far from the city where the high school is and yet still very much in the "country". It's flat, it's irrigated, it's surrounded by pear orchards and vineyards. It's pretty perfect.

So... we bought the farm, so to speak. Technically it isn't ours yet, but it will be soon (fingers crossed everything goes as planned).

We are beyond excited!


  1. So exciting! Is there a house or are you going to build one?

  2. So excited for you. My hubby and I moved to southern Oregon in 2000, from Az. We LOVE it here.