November 9, 2011

Haily's Busy Book

November is proving to be an extremely busy month. Audrey and I have already taken one plane trip out of town and we leave for another one next week. In between trips I'm busily working on getting all of the shop orders finished and mailed. Before we left last week I packaged and shipped Haily's Busy Book. Her mom asked for a pink version so I used many of the same fabrics I used on Audrey's.

I just love the look of the books all packaged and ready to ship.

I have two more books to finish before we leave town again so things may be a little quiet around here for the next few weeks.

Also, I will only be able to make a few more books with a guaranteed Christmas delivery. I would love for you all to get the first chance to purchase one so if you are interested in buying a Busy Book send me an email and I can put up a special listing just for you.

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  1. So cute!

    Thanks for coming to visit us, it was great to see you!

  2. What a darling labor of love this is! All of the details are so charming. Thanks so much for linking up to my party.

  3. Oh my word this is amazing! You have so much talent! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)