September 1, 2011

I'm Back

August flew by. I'm having a hard time believing that it is already September. That means that Miss A is already 15 months old, the hubs is less than a year from being finished with his current job, and we are less than a year from moving, and fall, the best season of the year, is right around the corner. I have high hopes for September.

But before I completely dismiss August, here are a few highlights from the last several weeks.

We started by setting off on a two week road trip with plans to camp along the way. Interestingly enough no one said anything to us before we left, but when we got back no one was shy in telling us that they thought we were completely crazy for even attempting a trip like this with a little munchkin. As it turns out, Audrey is the definition of "happy camper" and the trip couldn't have gone any better or been any more fun.

I told myself I wouldn't put any naked pictures of her on here, but I couldn't help myself.
After we spent the first week camping in Southern Oregon we made our way further north, visited with family, built a fence, attended a best friend's baby shower and then headed to my parent's cabin in Central Oregon.

Hosmer Lake, Oregon
The rest of August was spent back at home enjoying some downtime.

Absolutely her favorite spot in our backyard. She will stand there and pick tomatoes until there aren't any left. The first three feet of our plant is now completely bare.

I hope everyone else had as wonderful and relaxing of an August as we did. 


  1. Great photos! I'm so glad you came up to visit, it really meant a lot to me to have you at the shower.

  2. Good to have you back...I've missed seeing your latest photos and creations!

    Just finished the last of the wonderful muffins you left. I'm going to miss them in the morning! We so enjoyed you all this past weekend!

  3. She is adorable. I also have a little one who is the same age-ish. Simon was born May 18 2010.