March 1, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

Two nights ago I found myself trying to bounce Audrey to sleep in the middle of the night. Which is not that abnormal of an occurrence. I've mentioned before that Audrey is was* not a great sleeper.

*Luckily it seems as though we figured out what the problem was and have been able to fix it. Yes, there was an actual problem and an actual fix to the problem, I just love that. No abstract nonsense, no guessing. Her sleep has improved dramatically and it was been well over a week since we've had a really bad night.

{This is how I found her in the morning a couple of weeks ago}
Anyway, back to two nights ago. Like I said I was bouncing her to sleep and everything was going fine until I looked at the clock and realized it was only 10:48pm. We hadn't been in bed very long and she hasn't woken up that early in the night for awhile. And then I realized I wasn't wearing pants (is this TMI? I usually don't wear pants to sleep in, but keep a pair of sweats by the bed to put on in case Audrey needs me). And then I realized she already was asleep, very asleep, on my shoulder. All of this was starting to seem a little strange to me, but what was even stranger was that at this point instead of just laying her back down I decided it was critical that she have her diaper changed.

However, I was not going to do it without my pants. So I woke Bryce up to hold Audrey so I could get my pants. I know, weird, right? Long story short, kind of, we changed her diaper (which was bone dry), laid her back down and she was asleep in seconds. When Bryce and I went back to bed he asked me what had happened because he hadn't even heard her cry and I realized I didn't remember anything until looking at the clock and seeing 10:48. My only memory is of Audreys (yes, pluralized) crying in her crib. It appears as though I had a dream she (or multiple shes) was crying and I slept walk (which I've never done before) into her room, picked her up from a dead sleep, and then tried to traumatize her by waking her up to change a dry diaper.

Yeah, major Mom fail. 

I remember when we were at my parent's house for Thanksgiving and Audrey was having a really hard time sleeping my brother-in-law told me to make sure I don't go crazy with such little sleep. Well, Troy, I think I've officially gone off the deep end!

Apparently it is going to take me a little time to get used to "sleeping through the night" too.

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  1. I had a good laugh at this story. You are so funny!