March 31, 2011

Our Backyard

I have been a bit absent lately because I am working hard on finishing Audrey's Busy Book. I am very close to being finished, all I have left to do is "bind" it. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a finished project to show.

Spring has finally made its grand entrance around here and it is beautiful outside. I am itching to get out and start planting. In the meantime I thought I would share the transformation that our backyard underwent last year around this time. We had just moved in and desperately wanted a backyard. Luckily, our landlord agreed to foot the bill if we did the work. After a few weekends and a lot of help from family we turned it into something we are quite proud of. Here are some before and after pictures, all from last year. 



Obviously the grass was still growing in at this point. 

And can I tell you how much I HATE that Dish satellite. It isn't even ours! It's our neighbors and oh, was I mad the day I came home and found that this is where they chose to install it.

Nonetheless, we still love our backyard.

Oh, and if anyone has any SUPER cheap and not tacky ideas on how to cover a chain link fence I am all ears. Luckily the one in the picture is now being covered nicely by that honeysuckle, but we have one on the other side of the garden that desperately needs to be covered and asap. 

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  1. Your backyard looks great, I remember you talking about how badly you wanted one when we visited so I'm glad that worked out. How is it fair that they put the satellite on your side? That shouldn't be allowed.