January 3, 2011

Composting {The Easy Way}

I love the idea of composting. The whole cycle of using vegetable/fruit waste to improve soil which yields better crops which produces more of the vegetable/fruit waste and starts the whole cycle over again kind of makes me a little giddy. However, in our petite little backyard we don't have the space to house a composting bin. Lucky for me that doesn't mean I can't compost, copying a trick of my grandpa's (and thanks to my mom for reminding me he did it) I just compost in the garden. This idea is truly genius. My grandpa would dig holes or troughs in the garden and as he collected waste would dump it in and cover with dirt. It doesn't take long for it to break down and work its way back into the soil.
No need for extra space for a separate compost pile and no hauling the compost to the garden... it really couldn't get any easier.
I just love this idea and am so excited to plant this spring knowing I have some very rich soil. 

p.s. My fall/winter garden is still working... maybe. So far I haven't harvested a single brussel sprout or cauliflower, but the plants are looking good, albeit small. Maybe someday they will produce something. I'm still holding out hope.

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