August 30, 2010

Room Redo #2

After finishing our living room redo I couldn't wait to start the next project, our guest room/office. Although it has both a bed and a desk, two essentials, this room has never felt very usable to me. That is all about to change. Even just half way through this project, I already find myself wanting to be in there a lot more.

Here are some shots of how it started. It is very plain and very white.  Hopefully after shots won't be too long to follow as we have some very important guests visiting this weekend!

For sake of full disclosure you should know that the frames above the desk were only put there about two weeks ago because we were having our carpets cleaned and had to get them off of the floor. Bryce is dismayed that I will be moving them already.

1 comment:

  1. I'm very excited to see and enjoy the new room, but more excited to see and enjoy Miss Audrey! Can we play all night? love, mom