August 19, 2010


The last few months of my pregnancy a lot of people would ask if I was nesting. The sum total "nesting" I did consisted of getting up to date on my photo albums and cleaning our silverware drawer (and let's be honest, the only reason I did that was because coffee spilled in there). Maybe I'm supposed to count the many hours I sat on the couch thinking of all the things that needed to be done, but I don't.

Now as I sit here and watch Audrey nap in her swing I can't help but wonder if my nesting instinct kicked in a bit late. I am in full on organize, clean, and redo mode. It has actually been a lot of fun and after seven months of living here it finally feels like this house is becoming our home.

I started with our living room and I am so happy with how it is turning out. Here is a look at the before - can you spell B-O-R-I-N-G! After pictures coming soon.

{Anyone else noticing the dead plant on the end table?
I would hate to tell you how long that has been there.}

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