July 27, 2010

Just Like Her

My sister is definitely one of the coolest people I know. I had that figured out a long time ago. So, as any little sister would, I copied her - a lot. A few times this landed me in a bit of trouble. Hence the time I threw a rock at a car driving by on the street. Unfortunately, his window was down, the rock flew into the car, and the driver wasn't shy about letting my parents know he wasn't happy. Most of the time though I learned a lot from her - how to put on make-up, that salad has a tendency to get stuck in your teeth so steer clear of it on a first date, and to dance (well on this one she tried, it really is not her fault that I'm an awful dancer).

{Erica and I at our brother's wedding rehearsal last year}

When she told me over a year ago that she was going to start this blog I thought she was a bit crazy, don't get me wrong, I completely encouraged the idea, but I still thought she was a bit crazy. I thought blogs were for the "nerdy-er" type who wrote about the stock market and computer games. But it seems as though once again she knew what she was talking about. I never realized that there was a whole blog world out there way more interesting than any stock market news. So, in an effort to be just as cool as Erica, I've started this little blog. Hopefully I'll be able to share some of the ups and downs of my cooking experiments, craft projects, and life as a new mom.


  1. Gosh. I miss that spray tan! REALLY looking forward to reading the blog!

  2. I can't wait to read about your cooking experiments! Most of our best meals are things we learned from you at the APT. I need some more help!