January 2, 2013


A few weeks ago I received an email with the subject line marked as "**Urgent: WSJ Opportunity". I couldn't figure out what WSJ stood for and normally wouldn't even open something like that, but for some reason I did that day. 

After I opened the email I had one of those hit yourself on the forehead, "duh!" moments. 

The email happened to be from a lady who works for the company which markets Ball Mason Jars. And the Wall Street Journal happened to be doing a feature on Ball Mason Jars.  

Why I was getting an email about all of this? 

Well a couple of years ago I did a guest post for another blog featuring a craft using a mason jar. Apparently the marketing group for Ball had found the post, liked the craft, and asked if it would be ok to feature my photo in the story. I know, crazy, right? 

It was not one of my better photos and in hindsight I thought the whole craft a bit silly so I didn't even share it here. It took me several hours and a very legitimate sounding follow-up email to believe that it wasn't some scam. 

Sure enough it wasn't. My photo (and Audrey) ended up being part of the feature on Ball Mason Jars in the December 19th printed edition of The Wall Street Journal. You can see the online version of the article here.