March 12, 2012

It Was Time

We often joke that Audrey was a cue ball when she was born. Except a bit of fuzz, she didn't really have much hair to speak of. Here she is at three months still with very little hair.

That is why it amazes me to look at more recent pictures, like this one I took just a few days ago (ignore the blurriness), and realize she not only has a full head of hair, but it is fairly completely crazy and out of control.

The craziness is only made worse by the facts that she has a sweaty little head and she absolutely will not let me put anything in her hair. A headband, a clip, pigtails... no way, she yanks them out as soon as I put them in.

It was obviously time to do something. So I grabbed a pair of scissors and gave her her first real haircut. It is far from perfect, but still an improvement.

And it was definitely time.


  1. Wow you did a great job! I wouldn't even dare try and cut my boy's would be one hot mess if I did.

  2. It looks so good, I can't believe you just pulled out scissors and did that. Impressive!

  3. She's getting to be such a big girl - love, mom