October 3, 2010

Winter Garden

or would it be a fall garden? I'm not really sure. But, I do know that I am planting again. I pulled out our summer garden a few weeks ago and was missing it already, so I figured a winter garden was the ticket. This is the first time I am planting at this time of the year so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm sure I'll learn along the way.

Since I don't know what I'm doing, I am going to start small. I have a tendency to want to plant everything. From starts I've planted brussel sprouts (because we can't get enough of them) and cauliflower. I have also planted carrots and lettuce from seeds.  I have my fingers crossed that we will be eating something fresh from the garden soon.

{Don't you just love the look of a freshly planted garden?}

Oh, what's that big plant in the garden you ask - well our pepper is finally producing so I just couldn't bring myself to pull it out quite yet.


  1. Fun! I wish we planted brussel sprouts...

  2. Nice! Someday I will have a garden. But, currently our neighbors are giving us lots of veggies from theirs. It's a pretty good deal that we've got going.